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Reserve Estimations for Tight Oil & Shale Gas Canada 2012

With limited production and historical data available for Canadian tight oil and shale gas plays, it is critical that E&P companies stay at the forefront of the technology race by examining the very latest techniques for increasing booking confidence and estimating reserves. The key solution for achieving this is to determine the very latest techniques and methodologies being used to extrapolate short-term production data, using analogues from geologically similar North American plays, to accurately calculate recoverable oil in place.

Reserve Estimations For Tight Oil & Shale Gas, Canada 2012 was Canada’s first solutions and results-focused congress on resource evaluation and will bring together executives and experts tasked with reserve estimation to discuss the very latest solutions being utilized for predicting more accurate recoverability rates, increasing operator booking confidence and ultimately achieving more desirable asset prices. These solutions coupled with the shared understanding of how completions techniques affect recoverability, and ultimately the overall resource evaluation, enabled Canadian operators to more accurately calculate the value of this hot unconventional resource.

Reserve Estimations For Tight Oil & Shale Gas, Canada 2012 hosted CEOs, COOs, VPs Exploitation, VPs Exploration, VPs Business Development, Technical Directors, Geoscientists and Petrophysicists from leading E&P operators in Canada who discussed their tried and tested techniques and strategies for ensuring accurate reserve evaluations and avoid over or under-conservative estimations.

Networking Drinks Reception

Day one examined the very latest software, decline trends and corporate booking strategies to confidently and compliantly estimate recoverable reserves in Canadian tight plays without undervaluing the assets

Day two examined the interchanging variables that affect resource production and the most-efficient completions methods that can be used to maximize resource potential

Talisman Energy

“Specific to Canadian plays”


O&G Series

Reserve Estimations For Tight Oil & Shale Gas, Canada 2012 will...

...enable E&P operators to more-accurately forecast the resource potential of unconventional plays. With the shale gas and tight oil industry growth expediting at an unprecedented rate, it is critical that reserve evaluation experts, consultants and investors come together to drive forward the accuracy of decline analysis, reservoir simulation and the predicted effects of completions techniques on overall recoverability whilst complying with the very-latest resource guidelines.

With limited historical data available and interpretive resource guidelines in place, it is vital that leading resource management strategies and cutting-edge simulation solutions are exchanged to ensure that operators can accurately predict when production rates will stabilize using short-term data.

Reserve Estimations For Tight Oil & Shale Gas, Canada 2012 is a truly unique two-day summit and Canada’s only congress dedicated to delivering solutions for overcoming the current and future technical challenges that Canadian operators are facing in their production forecasts.

DECLINE ANALYSIS : Developing the most-efficient techniques to history match and extrapolate short-term data into long-term performance predictions

RESERVOIR SIMULATION : Comparing the reliability of reservoir simulation against analogue methods in accurately estimating future well performance

MINERALOGY : Evaluating the effect tight porosity, water saturation, permeability and pressure drawdowns have on recovery rate

BOOKING RESERVES : Discussing corporate strategies for valuing assets to minimize over-conservative or over-aggressive estimations

RESERVE GUIDELINES : Understanding the very latest and pending resource guidelines to ensure operators can accurately value reserves whilst complying with reserve guidelines

COMPLETIONS : Determining how the completions variables of well spacing, frac stages and frac fluid impact production and how to incorporate this into recoverability estimates